Aladdin is the protagonist of the anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Aladdin is a magi. Aladdin has various types of magic skills such as Har-Har Rasas, Har-Har Infigar, his Asfal Riih, and his awakening state Wisdom of Solomon.


Aladdin has blue long hair with a white hat(carpet) and wields a wooden long wand. Aladdin wears white straps on his stomach and wears a blue open vest. He also wears white baggy pants and a large yellow fabric belt.


Z = Har-Har Rasas

Aladdin summons a group of fireballs and fires it at his foes. The fireballs deal a lot of damage and can be spammed with. When in Wisdom of Solomon, the fireballs become more fatal and can be more than 5 fireballs.

X = Har-Har Infigar

Aladdin puts his wand he's holding above his head and then casts a large fireball. The fireball can deal a serious amount of damage and can take half's a foe's life points. When in Wisdom of Solomon, the fireball becomes even larger and it's damage increases.

C = Asfal Riih

Aladdin puts his arm with the wand behind his head. Then casts a wind tornado that launches his foe into the sky. It doesn't deal as much damage as the other skills Aladdin is able to use. You can say this move is a distraction for Aladdin to get away with. When in Wisdom of Solomon, the tornado becomes stronger and it launches his foe even higher.

V = Wisdom of Solomon

Aladdin's awakening state, Wisdom of Solomon. Aladdin's combat speed and damage increases. Aladdin is shrouded with bright yellow aura. His skills are even more deadly and can ALMOST kill a player in 1 shot.

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