Ichigo is the protagonist of Bleach. Ichigo is a soul reaper(Shinigami). Ichigo wields a zanpakuto, a soul reaper's weapon. Ichigo rarely has any other skills. Ichigo mainly uses his Getsuga Tensho. When Ichigo runs out of reiatsu(Spiritual Pressure), he uses his Reiatsu Charge. Ichigo has 2 awakening states, Bankai and Mugetsu.


Ichigo wears a shihakusho(black kimono) and wears white undergarments. Ichigo has spiky orange hair. Ichigo carries Zangetsu his zanpakuto.


Z = Getsuga Tensho

Ichigo swings his sword forward and unleashing a wave of reiatsu. The blast of reiatsu is in a form of a crescent moon shape. It does minor damage and doesn't do much. In Bankai, the color changes to red and slightly does more damage. In Mugetsu, the Getsuga Tensho is x100 larger than it's normal appearance and deals a heck amount of damage. The problem is the Final Getsuga Tensho(Mugetsu) takes -99 Life Points of yours. It causes heavy attack damage and deals a lot of damage. 

X = Reiatsu Charge

Ichigo puts his hands with the sword he's holding to his chest and charges his reiatsu(Stamina). It doesn't change for his awakening forms.

C = Bankai

Ichigo's first awakening state, Bankai. Bankai changes Ichigo's zanpakuto into Tensa Zangetsu. Bankai increased combat speed and damage. The skills are slightly enhanced.

V = Mugetsu

Ichigo's second awakening state, Mugetsu. Mugetsu changes Ichigo's appearance. Ichigo's right arm is emitting black reiatsu. Ichigo has gray straps around his torso and covering his mouth. Ichigo's hair is black and has black stripes down his left arm. Ichigo wears black ripped baggy pants. Mugetsu increases Ichigo's combat speed and damage. Ichigo's skill damage drastically increased.

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