Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro is from the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He is the protagonist of the third part, "Stardust Crusaders." In Anime Cross, Jotaro cannot summon a stand. However, when equipping his moves... his stand comes out. The stand's name is Star Platinum. He has various and special types of moves such, Star Finger, Rush Attack, and especially, The World. The World is Star Platinum's special ability. The World is able to stop time for 2 seconds. When the awakening bar is full, Jotaro can activate a power-up called, "Star Platinum: The World." This power-up gives Jotaro the ability to do more melee damage, Star Platinum's Star Finger extends even more, and can launch a 30 second Rush Attack. Jotaro also appears in the Parts 4-6.


In Anime Cross, Jotaro wears a white hat, a white coat, white pants, black shoes, and a blue shirt with a green collar. Jotaro also has black hair. Star Platinum has pastel light blue skin color, has a purple chest, golden shoulder pads, white gloves, and white boots. Star Platinum has black hair that goes straight up and a golden headband


Z = Star Finger

Star Finger allows Jotaro to activate his stand and Star Platinum extends his arm "finger" about 4 to 7 feet away from him. It does minor damage and can cause knockback. When "Star Platinum: The World" is activated, Star Platinum's Star Finger can extend about 13 to 16 feet away. It does heavy damage and can take half of a player's HP.

X= Rush Attack

Rush Attack allows Jotaro to activate Star Platinum and launches a series of punches that can go at supersonic speeds. When "Star Platinum: The World" is activated, Star Platinum's Rush Attack becomes seriously fatal. Star Platinum unleashes a series of EVEN more strikes and can last about 10 to 30 seconds.

C = Time Stop (The World)

Time Stop allows Jotaro to stop every player around him unable to strike him or move. The time stop radius is about 2 to 3 feet away from him. It only lasts a short amount of time;2 seconds and can be seriously fatal during his Awakened State. When "Star Platinum: The World" is activated, Jotaro's time stop lasts up to 5 seconds instead of 2.

V= Star Platinium: The World

Star Platinium: The World is Jotaro's awakened state. Jotaro can swiftly damage his opponents and his power amplifies. Jotaro's Star Finger is more destructive and his Rush Attack can last for a long time. Jotaro has a fire-like aura, and it's bright and yellow-orange.

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