Naruto[edit | edit source]

Naruto is the protagonist of Naruto. Naruto is a ninja and dreams of becoming the Hokage of Konoha(The Hidden Leaf Village). Naruto can concentrate is chakra and create a various and creative type of skills. His signature move, Shadow Clone Jutsu. Naruto's known and iconic move, The Rasengan. Finally his enhanced version of Rasengan, RasenShuriken. When the awakening bar is full, Naruto activates his awakening state, Bijuu Mode.


Naruto wears a black jacket. On the side of his jacket(torso area) has orange rectangles. Naruto wears a black headband with a metal emblem of the Leaf's Village sign. Naruto wears orange pants with white straps on his right leg. The straps hold a pocket of kunai knives. Behind his pants, is a pocket full of ninja gadgets such as Paper Bombs, Explosive kunai knives, shuriken, and more. Naruto wears black-ish shoes with his toes open-wide.


Z = Rasengan

Naruto can use his chakra and charge a ball of spiraling wind. When it impacts the foe, it sends them flying. Rasengan does an average amount of damage, so it'll do a minor or medium amount of damage based on how long you charge the Rasengan. When in Bijuu Mode, the Rasengan is a purple and black color. It slightly does more damage than it's original state.

X = Shadow Clone Jutsu

Naruto uses his chakra and creates multiple of clones. The flaw is, the shadow clones don't do anything. So it's a diversion for Naruto to get away or distract the foe. In Bijuu Mode, it does the same, except the appearance of the clones changes into the Bijuu Mode avatar.

C = RasenShuriken

Naruto puts his arm up and charges a spiraling ball with a wind shuriken surrounding the spiraling ball. When it impacts the foe, it causes heavy attack damage. When in Bijuu Mode, the spiraling ball and shuriken becomes a bright orange and yellow color. It slightly does more damage than it's original state.

V = Bijuu Mode

Naruto's awakening state, Bijuu Mode. Naruto's skin becomes yellowish and wears a neon yellow coat. Naruto's torso is black and his stomach his bright yellow circles. He wears a neon yellow pants and his shoes are also neon yellow. Naruto is shrouded with a reddish and yellowish aura that are fire-like. Naruto's damage and combat speed are faster and stronger.

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