Saitama[edit | edit source]

Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man. Saitama trained his body ever since this specific incident that led him to follow his dreams. Saitama is famous for his bald head, his physical prowess, and his catchphrase "I am a Hero For Fun." Saitama is followed by a disciple named "Genos," who is a cyborg that admires Saitama and his strength. Saitama has various types of moves such as Consecutive Normal Punches, which he strikes his opponent really fast. Table Flip, which he throws the floor towards his target. Saitama's Strike(Serious Punch), which is a very devastating move. Saitama's awakened state, Serious Mode... which boosts his strength and combat speed a bunch.       

Saitama's Serious Mode


Saitama is bald, he claims that the reason he's bald is that of his training. Saitama wears a white cape, yellow rubber suit, red gloves and boots, black belt with a golden circle emblem, and has a white zipper near the neck.

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Moveset[edit | edit source]

Z = Consecutive Normal Punches

Saitama launches a series of punches that can deal an average amount of damage. It lasts up to 2-3 seconds. In Serious Mode, the move changes into "Serious Consecutive Normal Punches." The punches become white and in the shape of an oval. It strikes super quickly and in a range of 6 feet.

X = Table Flip

Saitama does a squatting position and puts in his hand into the floor and flips the ground towards his opponent. It doesn't do too much damage, but where it does an average amount. In Serious Mode, Saitama sends an even more amount of the ground towards his opponent. It does even more damage and can knock someone even farther than before.

C = Strike

Saitama clunches his feet, and sends his fist forward, causing a massive shockwave. It can knock other players back and can do a lot of damage. In Serious Mode, Strike is even larger and can do a lot of damage.

V = Serious Mode

When Saitama's awakening bar is full, he activates Serious Mode. In Serious Mode, his punches are faster and stronger than before. His other skills are amplified twice the power, and his shrouded with shockwave aura.

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